101 Things To Do With Someone with Dementia

Jun 14, 2022 | 0 comments

101 Things To Do With Someone with Dementia

Jun 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Written by Kelly Glennon

Let us help you!


Watch the video and choose an option below.

Activities help to give purpose and meaning. Make each activity success-oriented, failure-free. Here are 101 ideas:

  1. Make collage from magazine
  2. Put together nuts and bolts
  3. Bake cookies
  4. Read paper
  5. Invite children to visit
  6. Read a letter out loud
  7. Listen to music
  8. Parachute game
  9. Color/Paint
  10. Make lemonade
  11. Wipe off table
  12. Talk about gardening
  13. Make Pigs-in-a-Blanket
  14. Spelling bee
  15. Readers Digest
  16. Fold clothes, sort socks
  17. Pet visit
  18. Cut out cards
  19. Wash silverware
  20. Bake bread
  21. Sort objects
  22. Sing Christmas songs
  23. Life Review
  24. Put silver away
  25. Make a Valentine’s collage
  26. Sing songs
  27. Look out window, what do you see?
  28. Make a pie
  29. Read a poem
  30. Dye Easter eggs
  31. Sort socks
  32. Take a walk
  33. String fruit loops
  34. String cranberries
  36. Look at photos
  37. Reminisce
  38. Clip coupons
  39. Sort poker chips
  40. Count things
  41. Fold towels
  42. Afternoon Tea
  43. Reminisce/Inventions
  44. Play a game
  45. Paint
  46. Cut out paper dolls
  47. Identify states and capitols
  48. Make a family tree
  49. Color American Flag
  50. Cook hot dogs
  51. Grow magic rocks
  52. Water house plants
  53. Reminisce – first kiss
  54. Play horseshoes
  55. Dance
  56. Sing a hymn
  57. Make ice cream
  58. Plant bulbs
  59. Make cards
  60. Sort cards by suit
  61. Write a letter
  62. Dress in team colors-talk sports
  63. Pop popcorn
  64. Name the U.S. Presidents
  65. Give a manicure, hand massage with scented lotion
  66. Music, Movement & Props
  67. Plant or weed
  68. Make a May basket
  69. Watch a favorite old movie
  70. Finish a famous saying
  71. Feed the ducks
  72. Mold dough
  73. Picture books
  74. Put a simple puzzle together
  75. Sand wood
  76. Rub on hand lotion
  77. Decorate place mats
  78. Arrange fresh flowers in a vase
  79. Remember famous people
  80. Rake leaves
  81. Make a fruit salad
  82. Sweep the patio or room
  83. Talk about famous events
  84. Nursery Rhymes. You start
  85. Make sandwiches
  86. Dust furniture
  87. Cut up paper/ Tear paper
  88. Take care of bird cage/fish tank.
  89. Trace/cut leaves
  90. Simple trivia questions
  91. Finish Bible quotes
  92. Paint with string
  93. Cut out pictures
  94. Read/listen to a short story
  95. Put coins in a jar
  96. Sew sewing cards
  97. Put seed in bird feeder
  98. Clean out pumpkin
  99. Roll yarn
  100. Reminisce about vacation
  101. Make a cake


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